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Microplastics and Nano plastics: A Global Issue And Its Effects On Humans

Key Highlights

  • Microplastics and Nano plastics are distributed in the environment. These particles get absorbed into human tissues.
  • Hence, Microplastics are considered a global issue because of their hazardous effects on humans.

Due to the toxic effects shown on humans, microplastics have become an issue worldwide. Various types of research are being conducted on microplastics on such issues.

The pollution caused by microplastics is a novel environmental concern. As per Plastics Fate, which is an EU project, the results show that there is a risk for humans. Around 27 institutes, universities and organizations are involved in the project research and study. This project addresses the effects of Microplastics and Nano plastics on the human body.

Contamination of human tissues through microplastics was reviewed in the study, and a potential risk was estimated on the health of humans. Microplastics penetrate human tissues because of biomagnifications.

The impairments caused by these microplastics range from minimal biological systems disturbance to major unfavorable consequences that may result in death. The inner human body tissue exposed to microplastics is considered harmful.

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Research Goals

The research review conducted on the microplastics aimed to:

  • Assess the hazardous effects of microplastics on fish
  • Find out the impact of microplastics on human health
  • Gain more knowledge and suggest possible solutions to reduce the contamination of microplastics.

Humans are exposed to microplastics through seafood which is crucial for the human diet. The particles may enter the human body via food, inhaled air, drinking water, and cosmetics. Mostly microplastic particles enter through the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract. The contamination of microplastics in the intestinal system leads to a major risk in the human body.

Hazardous Effects of Microplastics

Because of Microplastics and Nano plastics in human tissues, a human may experience swelling and blockage. The negative consequences are determined by an individual’s exposure levels and sensitivity. It might also cause cytotoxicity, oxidative stress, and transfer to different tissues.

The researchers will investigate more on the interactions of microplastics in the upcoming years. The research will aim to reduce the risk of microplastics for hu



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