Tuesday, December 5, 2023

E-Globe Consulting Limited – One-Stop Consultancy Services

E-Globe Consulting Limited is the international leading consultancy solutions provider based in Hong Kong. Celine Fong established its foundation from a small apartment during her study at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, along with two student-cofounders. She began the venture from a humble English language tutoring lessons to non-English speaking internaitonal students and offered their skills as freelancer translation experts in various documents.

From its humble beginnings in 2018, unlike most consultancy firms which focus on big corporations, today, E-Globe Consulting Limited has become the leader in helping SMEs to thrive and expand. The founders believe that SME are entities which require support and consultancy to break through their limitation, not long standing corporations which are able to recruit workforces quickly. They are passionate and competent in helping small and medium-sized businesses to overcome any linguistic, cultural barriers, and lack of manpower for their new venture. E-Globe Consulting was formed to help SMEs with consulting services that make it easier to expand their operations at a global level.

Celine Fong – Symbol of Success

Celine Fong was raised by a single parent but belonged to a significantly well-to-do family. However, due to several circumstances, Ms. Fong barely received any support from her family in any aspect of life except for her extensive education. At a time when her peers were busy playing and partying, Ms. Fong was forced to handle several responsibilities for her family. To support her dreams and her family, Ms. Fong began her career as a model at 16 years old and a sales promoter during high school.

For her undergraduate degree, Ms. Fong decided to pursue International Management and Political Science Minor as her subjects. After this, she worked at different full-time and part-time internship positions while also pursuing additional evening classes at Harvard University. Ms. Fong’s natural aptitude helped her complete a conventional four-year-long undergraduate program in two years and 11 months. These struggles have helped mold her to become passionate about work and constantly set higher personal standards.

Ms. Fong has an exceptional experience in marketing and promotion, which, combined with her innovative and entrepreneurial traits, enable her to spot an opportunity in the corporate world. It prompted her to expand the provided services and begin her journey as an entrepreneur.

Today, E-Globe Consulting provides many services, of which Writing and Translation is the flagship service offered by EGC. The company has exceptionally talented and skilled employees from various countries and different walks of life.

E-Globe Consulting – Vision and Mission

E-Globe Consulting Limited was founded on collectivism, which promotes uniting good talent from the world over to provide a brilliant experience to customers and clients. 

“To bridge the world towards its untapped potential” is the company’s mission statement. In line with this, EGC has gathered highly talented entities from all over the world and formed excellent business development consulting experience in Asia. 

EGC aims to create an easy-to-access platform and a diversified team to bring indigenous ideas that can boost positive changes, especially in the education field, by transforming the educational learning process into a distinct experience that helps enhance personal development. 

The company aims to recruit 50 employees by June 2023 and expand its talented team for better business development consulting and education projects.

EGC provides the highest quality and advanced services in the consulting field. The key factors that have enabled EGC to reach the current height of success are the professional environment and efficient operational procedures. These are enforced internally at EGC to ensure prompt delivery of the highest quality services to every client. Every employee hired by EGC has to sign a strict NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and go through a certain period of probation to develop a sense of discipline and professionalism that aligns with EGC’s work ethics. 

Every task completed by our professionals is submitted to the company’s management software, and we adhere strictly to the specified deadline for any project. Only authorized personnel within EGC have access to finished projects and tasks, as these often contain sensitive client information and files, which helps to prevent information leakage of any kind. 

Lastly, EGC ensures that every task completed by our team of professionals is reviewed thoroughly before finally being handed over to the client. With exceptionally close control over internal operations and strict confidentiality clauses, EGC can always provide clients with the highest integrity, best-quality, and truly innovative solutions. 

EGC – Exceptionally Professional Team

Unlike every business, E-Globe Consulting knows that the people behind it are the core of the business. Diversity is also essential to ensure proper people management and widen the overall think-tank of the company. With this in mind, EGC aims to hire people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds worldwide. 

Today, the EGC team is comprised of highly skilled professionals from all over the globe, including the United States, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, and across Europe. 

The key strategies for motivating the team of professionals at EGC involve discipline and an open line of communication, which also helps to enhance productivity. The environment encourages the professionals at EGC to openly express innovative ideas without the fear of judgment or prejudice. In addition, employees at EGC are required to adhere to strict company policies. These regulations are incredibly successful in maintaining a professional working environment and improving the workflow at the same time. 

In essence, EGC truly encapsulates unity in diversity through its incredibly diverse yet strictly organized corporate structure. 

EGC – Exceptional Consulting Services

Being the leader of a global consulting company, Ms. Fong believes that giving back to society helps to promote positive change and boost progress anywhere in the world. Thus, professionals are inherently responsible for promoting sustainability and corporate social responsibility efforts. When you focus on small changes, it helps to make a significant difference in someone’s life. Hence, EGC relishes participating in social responsibility events, especially those aligned with the company’s core values. This helps the team at EGC to gain additional awareness of the current issues that affect society, besides empowering employees to appreciate the importance of corporate ethical responsibility. In addition, this practice helps boost employee morale, resulting in better productivity at the organization. 

Regarding its services, she reiterates the extensive scope of consulting services that EGC provides to clients from different industries and markets. Unlike most of the other consulting firms in the company, in EGC, through leveraging marketing and data analytics E-Globe Consulting has strengthened the decision-making process of its clients with a proper and solid data-driven approach. 

EGC mainly provides the following services at a global level:

Writing & Translation

Every business needs excellent professional writing. There are exceptionally talented writers and translation experts at EGC, who are highly competent in language and writing. These professionals are extensively trained to narrate a client’s story in the most effective and impactful way. 

Branding & Design

At EGC, branding is believed to be the “soul” of a business and defines the company’s vision and mission, besides creating a specific image in the minds of the target audience. The branding and designing services provided by EGC offers an extensive collection of truly unique and creative designs for corporate logos, brochures, brand books, and websites. The branding and designing experts at EGC ensure that these products reflect the client’s branding strategy, products, services, and target audience. 

Talent Acquisition & Training

Everyone at EGC knows that human assets are the most important part of a business’ foundation. Thus, recruitment and hiring professionals at EGC help you not only to identify but also asses and acquire highly-skilled workers that can help you to meet the corporate objectives. For this, EGC essentially becomes a pillar of support for the client. 

Client Services & Real-Time Interpretation

EGC is a business virtual assistant and interpreter ready to serve clients anytime and anywhere. The team of professionals at EGC helps clients respond to emails, maintains customer service relationships with clients from overseas, and manages social media messages with real-time interpretation. These services include consecutive, simultaneous, and side-translation services. 

Professional Development & Business Transformation

The recent pandemic proved that business development and progress are highly crucial to any business to grow, now more than ever. EGC is here to provide clients with the best advice and solutions to help change and adapt to dynamic business and market needs. 

EGC – Excellent Customer Satisfaction

At EGC, customer satisfaction gets the top priority and is considered an accurate measure of the company’s success. It consistently provides clients with the best service quality and the most competitive prices, ensuring optimal customer satisfaction at all times. 

EGC strives to select only the most talented and well-trained individuals for its team, as they can understand the customer’s specific requirements thoroughly and offer the most efficient and effective solution. 

Next, EGC is always open to receiving constructive feedback from a client so that it can alter its service path and level up based on the client’s particular requests. There is no fear or restriction at EGC when it comes to negative feedback or unbiased criticism. When EGC receives feedback from clients, it ensures to perform better the next time and avoid mistake or error altogether. The company’s open communication lines help to win back the client’s trust and retain them as loyal customers. 

EGC – Looking to the Future

The top three goals of EGC for the next few years are:

  • Connecting with more clients from the ASEAN region.
  • Becoming the leading company with creative HR and operation practices.
  • Providing customers with high-end 2D and 3D animation services at competitive prices.

Several other reasons and aspects make EGC genuinely unique in the consulting field. For instance, EGC has the most dynamic operation practices, which help lower client costs while simultaneously ensuring the best quality services. The company hires professionals with an exceptional experience from different time zones to provide its consulting services to clients round-the-clock from all over the world. 

Additionally, EGC uses the ubiquitous Infinity network, the excellent online project management platform, as the primary approach for internal work communication and external communication with the client. Employees use Infinity to submit their work well before the deadline while the company reviews the task to ensure quality before sending it to the client as the final solution. With this, EGC ensures that every client receives their desired solutions promptly and at an affordable cost. 

Talking about inspiring others seeking to make a mark in the consulting industry, Miss Fong believes that uniqueness is the key to shining as a beacon in the industry. Entrepreneurs and corporate leaders should think outside the box to create innovative and novel approaches to solving conventional problems. To do this, corporate leaders in consulting should always ensure constant innovation and be dynamic at all times. 

One of the main reasons for EGC’s meteoric rise to popularity is its innovative online practice, as Ms. Fong understands the limitations of brick-to-brick consulting services well. Additionally, EGC knows the value of seizing an opportunity during difficult times and quickly embraces remote and online working practices to stay connected, relevant, and profitable. 


Company Name: E-Globe Consulting Limited

Founded In: 2018

Company Leader: Celine Fong (Executive Director) 

Office Location: Unit 2403, Tung Wai Commercial Building, 109-111 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Company Website: www.e-gconsulting.com