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DXCorr – Designing the Best Physical IP

The development of tablets, smartwatches, and mobile phones along with other similar devices provided distinction to power in ASIC designs. And one of the major challenges that every design house in the VLSI sphere faces is to offer the best PPAL (Power, Performance, Area, and Leakage-key metrics) in a minimum amount of time.

In order to solve this problem and to provide a cutting-edge solution, DXCorr Design Inc. was founded. The company is uniquely equipped to meet the challenge through its expert physical design teams, precise custom blocks, and highly-optimized physical IPs. As a matter of fact, the company was established in 2006 in Sunnyvale, USA, with the motive to bring together  the best facet of software development and hardware design, thereby expediting silicon delivery and chip design. 

DXCorr – Renewing Future Technologies

The principle of self-reliance is what resulted in the launch of DXCorr and it continues to be the guiding principle today. The company is inspired by the need to change or to do something that will renew the future technology in its own way. The technological emergence of electronic devices in the century’s first decade offered prominence to ASIC designs. 

Nirmalya Ghosh, the CEO at DXCorr, states, “A prerequisite to this increasing complexity is to critically optimize each processor core in an SoC (System-on-Chip) to meet the power, performance, area (PPA), yield, and application-specific cost goal.” He further explains, “This is necessitated by the typical requirement from a client in the VLSI universe – the need to provide the best possible PPAL (power, performance, area, and leakage – global metrics of semiconductor design) in the shortest time frame.” 

This is something all design houses attempt to attain while executing a project and luckily, DXCorr overcomes this ongoing issue for every project with maximum efficiency. None of this would have been possible without the battle-tested core of industry experts and its desirable suite of in-house tools. The company timely delivers projects with top-notch quality, leading to their success. 

Delivering Highest Quality Design Services

Semiconductors are commercially important, widely utilized, and power a variety of technology, such as mobile phones. Nearly half of the entire industry research and development investment is dedicated to semiconductor design, which comprises the design of the related software and actual integrated circuits. The major issues are related to Design and Optimization as well as Design and R&D investment. This is because technology nodes shrink to 3nm to lower which results in architectural change so that the design can attain PPAL. 

Ghosh says, “DXCorr’s flagship offers a semiconductor memory and datapath portfolio in multiple nodes, running the spectrum from SRAM, MRAM, TCAM, cache memories, custom datapath, security functions, etc.” In fact, the company has proven to be innovative – it develops high-density and high-performance MRAMs and SRAMs. It further works on the latest low-power process nodes, such as 5nm, 7nm, 12nm finFET, 22nm & 12nm FDSOI, 28nm, and 40nm planar nodes. Needless to mention, it elegantly resolves the issue in concurrent read-and-write operations in two-port SRAMs. 

“Power-efficient, high-speed binary and ternary CAMs make its clients stand out in a market that craves faster networks and more efficient processors,” Ghosh boasts. Further, the extensive understanding of custom design allows the venture to remarkably boost the performance of a variety of custom logic and arithmetic functional blocks in multiple process nodes. 

The Strongly Dedicated DXCorr Team

DXCorr provides continuous training and development opportunities to its employees so as to hone their skills to attain maximum efficiency. The employees turn challenges into prospects every day through their passion, tenacity, and inventiveness. Ghosh says, “Together, we are a team. We break new ground.” 

DXCorr employees are always motivated to explore sub-domains other than their own in order to build a holistic understanding of VLSI. The exposure aids in cross-domain training and enables them to enhance their core domain basics while developing a much deeper knowledge beyond peripheries. And this is the kind of approach that naturally leads them to be involved in the latest industry trends and emerging technologies. 

Sagar Reddy, CTO at DXCorr, says, “There are no ‘holy cows’ in DXCorr’s philosophy. Every idea can and must be challenged. This is made possible due to a significant lack of hierarchy. The only thing that matters is the idea. Every employee is at liberty to question existing approaches and suggest improvements. The process of thought is unrestricted.” 

The diverse team at DXCorr is involved in various domains, such as PNR, RTL, layout, digital circuits, memory, mixed-signal, and analog. Each team here is versatile in its own way in terms of project handling and technical capabilities. Not to mention, all teams have the best project leads.

How is DXCorr Unique?

DXCorr Design Inc. is focused on the bleeding edge of VLSI design. While other companies have just started to tape out on 5nm, DXCorr has already started performing fundamental research into SRAM compilers at the 2nm node, years in advance, making sure that the company has an experience of several years in novel technologies by the time its customers begin to consider them. 

What makes DXCorr stand out in the industry is that only a few engineering companies in the entire world could claim years of experience on 5nm in 2020, one of which is DXCorr. Others include ARM, TSMC, and IMEC.

“To further push the edge of performance, we’ve developed a spectacular suite of in-house software that automates even the most unconventional logic verification — without having to spend millions on testing it on actual silicon,” says Ghosh. The company’s diverse team makes use of in-house software and tools that automatically provide the best-optimized version of the layout or design. 

Consequently, Ghosh says proudly, “We are the only firm in the world capable of implementing certain highly experimental techniques that will truly make the difference between a standard chip to one that defines the best-in-class for a given industry.” The research and development teams at DXCorr are continuously working on enhancing the in-house software, which is also a component of their internal work improvement. 

The Future of DXCorr

In the coming years, DXCorr aims to build a model product portfolio that will serve as a benchmark in the industry for several years. The company makes constant attempts to infuse its in-house tool advancement with the most practical aspects of machine learning (ML) as well as artificial intelligence (AI). These are the two forthcoming domains where hardware and software can come together to dramatically change the course of humanity for advancement.

DXCorr also has other plans for the future. To expedite SoC design delivery, the DXCorr Team continues to put in effort for developing next-generation analog IPs and interfaces so as to optimize intra-chip and inter-chip communication. The company has successfully built a homegrown analog portfolio comprising high-bandwidth and high-speed SerDes in multiple nodes, analog sub-systems, such as GPIOs, DAC, and ADC along with assisting circuitry for next-generation MRAM designs. The greatest aim of the company is to transfer all repetitious parts of chip development to the computer, thereby freeing up human mind space for solving forthcoming issues. 

Pull Quote: “Power-efficient, high-speed binary and ternary CAMs make its clients stand out in a market that craves faster networks and more efficient processors.”

Description of the Company: DXCorr Design Inc. develops embedded physical IP arrangements for an extensive variety of SoC designs.

Company Name: DXCorr Design Inc.

Founding Year: 2006

Office Locations: 121 W Washington Avenue, Suite 214 Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Official Website of the Company: 

Name of the Featured Leader: Nirmalya Ghosh

Designation of the Leader: CEO