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Apple Provides Developers Wider App Store Price Flexibility

Key Highlights

  • Apple has responded to one of its App Store developers’ frequent requests in the form of more flexibility when setting prices.
  • Developers will also gain new flexibility to manage prices worldwide and can anticipate additional tools, which Apple will begin rolling out now and throughout 2023.

Apple’s major change is giving developers 700 additional price points to use when setting prices for their applications. The recent move is a huge improvement involving Apple’s price capabilities since the App Store’s launch.

At that launch, then-CEO Steve Jobs explained that every developer dreamed of providing their app to every user, which was far from possible then. He said that most developers do not have those resources, and even the big developers would have difficulty getting their app in front of every iPhone user.

Apple has augmented the extra prices with tools to ease setting prices per App Store country or region, tools to manage foreign exchange rates, and other improvements.

900 Price Points Are Supported

The new system means developers can opt among 900 price points, approximately ten times the number of points available for apps previously. Prices begin at 29 cents and can go higher.

Apple says hundreds of new prices and an additional 100 higher price options, as much as $10,000, are available on request.

There is a selection of price points that increase across price ranges. There are ten 10-cent increments up to $10, 50-cent increments between $10 and $50 and more.

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Better Tools For Currency Fluctuation

Currently, developers of subscription apps can manage currency and taxes across storefronts more effortlessly by opting for a local storefront they know best to automatically generate prices across the other 174 storefronts and 44 currencies.

This capacity to set prices by storefront will extend to all other apps in Spring 2023. It is helpful, as it offers developers some form of hedge against currency fluctuations. All developers will be able to define the in-app purchase availability by the storefront.

Next year, developers with paid apps and in-app purchases can set local territory pricing, which the automatic price adjustments will not impact.

Apple applies to reflect changes in taxes and foreign exchange rates. Developers can adjust pricing to react to tax and foreign currency adjustments.

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