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WiseDV: Revolutionizing the Virtual Workspace for the New Normal Workspace with Bozu.


After experiencing firsthand how established technology companies failed to adapt to the times, Atul Anandpura founded WiseDV – which innovates and develops modern media technology solutions at breathtaking speed.

Atul graduated from M.S. University, India, and set out to develop UHF/VHF Wireless communications systems. Looking for a larger horizon, he moved to London, designing cordless phones, cellular phones, answering machines, and digital voice recorder products. He said seeing his products used by millions was incredibly satisfying.

 In 1999, e.Digital – a San Diego-based company, invited Atul to commercialize portable music players. He developed a contemporary music player for Gateway computers with features even the contemporaneous iPod lacked, like voice recognition-based music track selection. He was appointed as the company’s CEO and developed the world’s first portable inflight entertainment system with encrypted hard drives, which was used by 22 airlines in 2005. But he realized that the airline industry was always in a perpetual state of crisis, and it was challenging to have a profitable business working within it. 

 Towards a New Entrepreneurial Vision

 Where do I go next? I identified live sports markets as the new horizon. The fans have a good amount of disposable income, and fans would appreciate a product where they could watch live games from any angle, perform their own action replays, and get on-demand scores while in the stadiums,” recalls Atul. 

 The Board at e.Digital didn’t support his vision, but Atul was confident about his vision and left to establish WiseDV – Wireless Interactive Sports Entertainment Digital Video – in January 2006. His network of friends and colleagues from the industry made the initial investment easy. The company was flourishing, and in mere two years, it deployed 3,000 Local area mobile TV – LVIS at the US Open Tennis, US Open Golf, and other sporting events. In 2008 the financial crisis brought a formidable roadblock for the company shattering Atul’s dreams of deploying LVIS at all sports stadiums.

 I always knew that success is a combination of many factors. With many factors beyond my control, I only had two factors in my control: persistence and hard work!” So, Atul strategically pivoted the company towards professional broadcast technologies. The team was reduced from 30 to 3 people, but they kept striving to move towards success. Atul’s wife, Kajal, was equally active in helping to row the company financially through turbulent times and keeping WiseDV alive. 

 Onward to a new start

 Looking at the efforts of WiseDV’s team, the investors were very supportive and understanding. The engineers were inspired and challenged to prove that the company could sustain the crisis and move forward. Soon WiseDV gained momentum and today ranks among the best companies in the industry.

 By 2019, WiseDV housed all the technologies required by the Streaming and OTT industry.  Atul added, “The success in the market energized the engineering team. The marketing partner was marketing products. Customers liked us! Life was becoming better.”


 WiseDV is a worldwide leader in Playout, Ad Insertion, OTT, and SSAI technologies delivering end-to-end solutions for seamless viewing and monetizing of video assets.

It has also designed a multi-dialogue virtual event platform that can host multiple

meeting rooms on one screen – Bozu to work, play, and socialize remotely and effectively.

WiseDV has zero latency communication with customers using chat-based support to provide the best possible customer service.

 There are no constraints on time zones as the virtual team of WiseDV’s engineers, and developers is a click-away to listen to the user’s feedback and offer solutions. Regardless of the crisis, WiseDV has pushed forward and overcome the challenges. 

During the onset of the pandemic, Atul’s daughter Bhavika studying law at Berkely found the current remote meeting and working tools inadequate and asked Atul for better solutions. WiseDV team quickly invented a virtual event solution – Bozu to collaborate remotely but effectively. This innovation has been successful and gaining popularity in the market. 

Bozu – taking the Virtual workplace to the next level

 Innovation happens when the best communication goes on with your team and your clients simultaneously at the same time,” asserts Atul. Video conferencing has been around for decades but lacks real-life experience. With the remote working trend, the virtual workplace demanded an upgrade, and Bozu effectively catered to this demand. 

 Atul quickly realized that WiseDV’s product development accelerated with a next-level structured group discussion on Bozu, even when everyone worked remotely. With the help of some potential investors and the young users of the product, a versatile, dynamic, and aggressive engineering team is developing Bozu. 

Bozu is a Video Collaboration tool that enables professionals to break remote isolation and take their team’s actions to the next level. Bozu helps create a culture of collaboration in the workspace. “Work does not consist only of meetings; real work life also involves socialization. So, Bozu is designed to Work, Play, and Socialize – Remotely and Effectively!” said Atul. We are at a paradigm shift in remote teaming. With Bozu, businesses can have endless choices, abundant access, and hundreds of ways to interact. The team can use communication tools that resonate, matter, and add value. 

 What has previously been classified as top-down communication, the virtual office culture can have an opportunity to truly collaborate, setting up a new playing field that helps marketers, artists, and entrepreneurs increase sales and build healthier relationships with co-workers. Bozu enables companies to have all the essential socialization aspects with built-in Trivia, Karaoke, Whiteboard, and Poll functions to establish professional and social oneness. 

A driven team of Technology Mavericks

 WiseDV has an innovative and problem-solving culture driven by energetic and dynamic engineers led by Jigar Mehta, Jaydeep Maru, Saurabh Shah, Dhrumil Sheth, and Bela Shah. All are inspired to create value internally and for clients. Creating solutions that can be adopted easily and economically is essential for product success. WiseDV’s technology mavericks team has developed a suite of broadcast and video streaming industry products – WisePlay, WiseAdInserter, WiseOTT, and WiseSSAI- catering to any industry client of any different economic level. The team ensures that the products work smoothly from developing to delivering, configuring, and providing excellent support to its clients with problem-solving and managing skills.

 WiseDV is planning to launch Bozu soon to help companies increase the effectiveness of remote meetings by providing many-to-many communication capabilities with fun and socialization tools. 

Bozu’s live sports watch party and live video game competition streaming is also becoming popular. With Bozu’s game-changing platform, you can coordinate remotely like never before. Packed with an array of game-changing features and solutions, Bozu is all set to revolutionize the future of video conferencing.

Quote: “WiseDV has a simple Mantra – If you need it, we can make it, as long as we don’t need to bend the laws of physics.”




Virtual i Technologies: Offering AI-Driven Agile Solutions to Complex Problems in the Insurance Industry


In the insurance industry, insurance underwriters play a key role in determining whether or not the insurer should decline the risk of taking an insurance policy, if the changes in payout are too high. If the risk is assessed incorrectly, the premium charged would not be appropriate. A lower premium may affect the solvency of the fund. On the other hand, a decision to charge a premium higher than necessary would also not be fair.

In 2018, Veysel Sinan Geylani (Founder and CEO) founded Virtual i Technologies with an aim to transform the way the insurance industry carries out risk assessments and underwriting. Sinan developed the initial idea for the company while struggling to underwrite risk in Yemen from his previous office then. He was neither able to find the right resources to visit the risk nor could he locate any relevant and insightful information that was available for desktop review. 

Augmenting Loss Prevention

Virtual i Technologies’s first real-time risk assessments were carried out in Iraq and Turkey. While real-time telepresence was welcomed by the first customers, the company had to find a way to offer risk survey reports while continuing to eliminate the high number of hours required to write a report and other logistical costs. 

The solution was to develop a digital platform for gathering survey information which would be linked to an automated reporting system. From these early beginnings, the offering has developed rapidly into an AI-driven intelligent platform, called [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space.

Innovative Array of Solutions

Virtual i Technologies provides innovative and agile solutions to complex situations occurring in the insurance ecosystem. The company’s flagship product, [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space, provides data-driven, dynamic and scientific risk assessment allowing accurate risk report generation for the entire P&C insurance ecosystem including the end-users. It also provides 100% real-time underwriting risk data visibility, which has been traditionally 5% in the industry. It also supports remote and on-site inspections wherever in the world business expansion, risk inspection, or risk engineering is needed. 

[VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space is the first independent scientific risk scoring platform in the world, patented by Virtual i Technologies. The product provides an intelligent platform for risk assessment along with high-quality risk engineering services. 

Towards the end of 2021, the [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space took care of 856% more insurance inspections. Since its establishment, Virtual i Technologies have garnered excellent results and achieved drastic figures. For instance, the company has witnessed drastic impacts such as 60% reduction in underwriting timeframes, 12% decrease in loss ratio, 40% improvement in operational efficiency, and many more. 

Additionally, it provides white label and customized data science solutions that are specifically designed according to the needs of its customers and their sizes. At Virtual i Technologies, solutions are designed for commercial P&C insurance lines of all stakeholders in the insurance industry. These include insurance and reinsurance companies, brokers, agents, end-users and many more. Currently, the company is working on a full digital transformation of the underwriting process of a global brokerage company. It has helped numerous other companies worldwide to achieve success with its flagship product. 

Robust Flagship Product

Speaking of the company’s flagship product, the [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space functions as a SaaS product, enabling transparent risk information transfer by saving time and cost-effectively for business growth and sustainability for all stakeholders in the insurance industry. Using the Virtual Risk Space, insurers can avoid bad risks completely, enhance their monitoring of accumulation, gather FNOL evidence instantaneously and ultimately improve their loss ratio. 

With the help of the product, brokers and agents can offer their clients a hi-tech user-friendly way to present their assets to insurers and provide clients access to expertise from world-class risk engineers and loss adjusters. [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space is backed by artificial intelligence, providing objective data-driven risk assessment. For brokers, the platform helps provide risk-management services to clients, save travel and paperwork costs, provides an easy and fast way of inspection for single or multi-location accounts, and many more. Using the tool, insurers can save 60% of their time, survey more locations at less cost and improve loss ratio while gathering 100% real-time data. 

The company’s tool is unique in the ecosystem as it creates a fast, secure and affordable solution for insurance underwriting, risk management and claims management. Since it is simple to use and affordable with its subscription-based payment model, the [VRS]™ quickly gained popularity among the company’s customers from Asia to the US, Europe to MENA. 

Team of Seasoned Professionals

The team of Virtual i Technologies comprises experienced and expert members who are located all around the world. The team includes professionals who are experienced in insurance underwriting, risk assessment, technology, and many more, who hail from a variety of business backgrounds, cultures and expertise fields. The diversity of the team enables Virtual i Technologies to better understand and serve multinational clients with their specific requirements. 

Additionally, its software development and data science team consist of individuals with various expertise and accomplishments in the fields of data collection, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Every senior risk engineer at the company’s Global Network of Risk Engineers holds decades of experience under their belts and has specialized knowledge in inspections, claims management as well as underwriting analysis. 

Pioneering Advanced Technology with Affordability 

Virtual i Technologies have undergone numerous challenges in the past to stand atop the ladder of success. Interestingly, one of the major challenges for the company is to maintain pace with its huge growth line. 

Since its founding, Virtual i Technologies have been growing at a very fast pace. It supports the insurance industry by adopting agile working systems, which also helps the company serve its customers in a fast and solution-oriented way. The company receives positive feedback from its clients due to its hands-on, expert and caring as well as a collaborative way of doing business. Additionally, the major reason behind the success of Virtual i Technologies is its core element—the team. 

How to become one of the leading companies in the industry?

As a company with a 200% yearly growth rate, we are looking forward to supporting the overall industry to grow with us. We are happy to deepen our relationship with our customers in key regions such as Europe, UK, MENA, Singapore and the US and look forward to expanding our reach within these regions. 

With our solutions, we enable data-driven accurate and faster decision making in the insurance industry, which means there will be more time for client relationship management both in acquisition and retention, more financial resources for improvements in customer satisfaction of our clients’ portfolio. In addition, we aim to close the Series-A investment round this year, which is already oversubscribed.” – Veysel Sinan Geylani, Founder and CEO of Virtual i Technologies

“What we are eager to do at Virtual i Technologies is to support the growth of our customers and enabling them to become a global player in the competition with our ground-breaking technology.”

Revolutionizing Cancer Care: A Vital Shift in Healthcare


In the world of healthcare, particularly in cancer treatment, a pressing issue looms large. Over the last few decades, major pharmaceutical companies have faced the challenge of expiring patents on established methods and drugs for cancer treatment. This has left them in a difficult position, with limited options for making significant innovations. To cope, they’ve resorted to buying smaller pharmaceutical companies that are developing new cancer products. However, these new treatments, although holding some promise, often fail to deliver the much-needed breakthroughs.

The healthcare industry now stands at a crossroads, facing a substantial challenge. The speed of innovation is trailing behind the rapidly changing landscape of cancer research and treatment. The solution seems to be transforming healthcare companies into entities more similar to today’s tech giants: agile, adaptable, and equipped with modern technologies and a diverse, collaborative approach.

Leading this transformation is Starpax Biopharma, a beacon of hope in these challenging times. Their innovative, multidisciplinary approach has the potential to breathe new life into cancer treatment, offering a ray of hope in a field that has been grappling with stagnation for too long. The situation is urgent, and the need for change is evident. Initiatives like Starpax Biopharma must be supported to herald a new era in cancer treatment, one that brings promise and progress to a longstanding medical challenge.

The Perplexing Challenge in Cancer Treatment

The pursuit of a cancer cure has proven to be a formidable task, persistently challenging the medical community. Despite decades of dedicated research and the evolution of various treatment modalities, cancer continues to stand as a resilient foe. Established methods such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and immunotherapy, though having a century-long history, face inherent limitations in their efficacy. The introduction of cutting-edge technologies, including antibody therapies, nanocarriers, and precision-targeted drugs, has undoubtedly marked progress but has yet to usher in a transformative breakthrough.

One of the most pressing issues that has consistently eluded conventional treatments is the capacity to effectively reach and treat all cancer cells within a tumor. Within these tumors, hypoxic zones with low oxygen levels hamper blood vessel function, obstructing the delivery of therapeutic drugs. Consequently, a staggering 90% of a tumor’s volume receives little to no medication, thereby giving rise to drug-resistant cancer stem cells nestled within these hypoxic zones. Conventional treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy prove impotent against these tenacious adversaries.

Surmounting the Challenge with Innovative Solutions

Starpax Biopharma, at the forefront of medical innovation, has pioneered a groundbreaking solution to confront the longstanding challenges of cancer treatment. Central to their innovation is the “Magnetodrones™” – a unique proprietary bacteria endowed with magnetic sensitivity, coupled with an FDA-approved anticancer drug attached to their surface. These Magnetodrones™ possess the remarkable ability to swim in the interstitial spaces of the tumor tissues, circumventing reliance on the bloodstream. This circumnavigation mitigates the issues associated with systemic drug distribution and its accompanying side effects.

Guiding these Magnetodrones™ within the tumor is the “Polartrak™” medical device, a creation of Starpax. Patients are ensconced within the Polartrak™, which employs patented virtual monopole magnetic fields to govern the path of the Magnetodrones™ within the tumor. These magnetic fields are meticulously engineered to corral the Magnetodrones™ exclusively within the tumor and force their dispersion throughout the entire tumor volume while simultaneously dispensing the drug along their route. This innovative methodology ensures the comprehensive targeting of cancer cells throughout the entire tumor, including the elusive non-dividing cancer stem cells within the hypoxic zones.

The impact of Starpax’s groundbreaking technology is nothing short of revolutionary. Preclinical studies conducted on human tumors grown in animal models have yielded an astonishing 100% remission rate, with no significant side effects in sight. The forthcoming clinical trials hold the promise of presenting a more potent and less toxic alternative to the prevailing cancer treatment approaches.

Starpax Biopharma’s Commitment to Innovative Cancer Treatment

Starpax Biopharma’s remarkable journey is a testament to the determination and passion of its founder Michael Gareau, who brings a unique perspective to the world of cancer treatment. Before establishing Starpax, the founder served as the founding president and managing director of a private equity firm. In this role, he diligently evaluated numerous investment opportunities, with a particular focus on potential deals for his firm, Ipax Capital.

Throughout his career, Michael assessed over 20,000 deals, but it was a rare opportunity in 2016 that left him truly astounded. Two patents related to Virtual Monopole Magnetic Fields caught his attention, leading to a pivotal decision that would alter the trajectory of his career. These patents, previously owned by a prestigious Canadian university, came with one condition: the project needed to be initiated in Canada.

In a remarkable personal sacrifice, Michael relocated his family from Europe to Quebec, where frigid winter temperatures can plummet to as low as -30°F. His motivation for this momentous leap was profoundly personal. He had witnessed the toll of cancer within his family, losing his father on the day of his university graduation, along with two brothers to this relentless disease and a third brother and a sister presently in cancer treatment. These experiences, coupled with the knowledge of the suffering caused by conventional cancer treatments, inspired him to embark on this transformative journey.

The mission of Starpax is both clear and compelling: to swiftly deliver its groundbreaking technology to patients. The company’s founder and dedicated team are propelled by a profound sense of purpose, striving to save numerous lives and enhance the quality of life for cancer patients. “Waking up every morning and realizing that each of us is responsible for the saving of tens of thousands of lives or even millions of them in a few years is a reward that has no match in other types of projects,” says Michael. The company’s commitment to addressing unmet challenges in cancer treatment remains at the core of its mission.

Starpax Biopharma’s journey is not just a story of a business venture; it’s a narrative of dedication, sacrifice, and a heartfelt commitment to alleviating the suffering caused by cancer. It serves as a shining example of how personal experiences can fuel innovation and transformation in the world of healthcare. The founder’s decision to uproot his life and family to pursue a vision driven by personal loss underscores the profound mission of Starpax: to offer hope and relief to countless individuals battling cancer. Their innovative approach to cancer treatment is poised to make a meaningful impact, promising a brighter future for patients and their families.

Innovative Multidisciplinary Approach: Starpax’s Unique Position in Cancer Treatment

Starpax distinguishes itself in the realm of cancer treatment through its innovative and multifaceted approach. “Starpax is not an ordinary pharma or biotech. Starpax is a biopharma tech that is harnessing the power of 4 different disciplines: Microbiology, Biochemistry,  Electromagnetism Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence,” says Michael Gareau. By seamlessly integrating these disciplines, Starpax has gained a significant advantage in addressing longstanding challenges in cancer treatment.

What truly sets Starpax apart is its pioneering technology, surpassing conventional single-drug or therapy approaches. This technology provides a comprehensive solution to a persistent problem by effectively reaching and treating all cancer cells within a tumor, including the elusive cancer stem cells, drivers of metastasis, residing within hypoxic zones.

Starpax’s approach is a confluence of expertise. Microbiology enables them to develop a non-pathogenic living micro-organism sensible to very specific magnetic fields that could be controlled with millimetric precision. Biochemistry provides insights into the molecular intricacies driving cancer, facilitating the development of highly targeted therapies.

The incorporation of electromagnetism engineering adds a novel dimension, enabling precise and non-invasive methods to access deep tumor regions, and controlling the trajectory of the Magnetodrone to spread in the whole volume of the tumor, leaving no cancer cell unaddressed. All this is realized by Polartrak Artificial Intelligence using the data of the patient’s MRI taken days before treatment. It acts as the orchestrator, automatically optimizing treatment strategies and customizing therapies for each patient. Starpax offers a comprehensive solution to a complex problem, bringing renewed hope to countless cancer patients. Their technology is more than groundbreaking; it is a guiding light toward a brighter future in the fight against cancer.

Charting the Future of Cancer Care: Starpax’s Strategy

Amidst the rising demand for groundbreaking cancer treatments and the United States’ anticipated national healthcare expenditure of $6.2 trillion by 2028, Starpax is strategically poised to address a significant portion of this burgeoning market. The company’s core emphasis on solid tumors, which constitute 90% of cancer cases and a staggering 89% of cancer-related deaths, reflects its mission to create a substantial impact in the field of cancer treatment. Over the next five years, the projected annual global addressable market for Starpax is an impressive $901 billion, signaling vast opportunities on the horizon.

In an endeavor to expedite the deployment of their pioneering cancer-fighting technology, Starpax is actively engaged in discussions with a leading multinational healthcare corporation. Their strategic plan involves the establishment of their own Starpax Cancer Centers throughout the United States, offering Starpax a cutting-edge cancer treatment platform and a dedicated Starpax medical team for patient care within ambulatory settings.

Concurrently, Starpax is committed to forging strategic research partnerships with three to five distinguished hospitals in the United States. These collaborations play a pivotal role in realizing Starpax’s visionary strategy. The first facet of these collaborations will be geared toward advancing medical research. By creating three to five Cancer Centers dedicated to research, equipped with advanced medical infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology, these partnerships will cultivate an environment of innovation. This will promote research aiming to develop novel treatments and therapies that have the potential to reshape the landscape of cancer care.

 Simultaneously, the second aspect will encompass the establishment of multiple Starpax Cancer Centers across the United StatesStates for commercial treatments. These centers will provide top-quality patient care, making use of the latest Starpax medical advancements and the expertise of renowned healthcare professionals. Patients will benefit from top-tier Starpax treatments and therapies in a supportive and reassuring environment, ensuring their cancer journey is as comfortable and effective as possible. Overall, Starpax’s strategic vision for pioneering cancer care, encompassing the establishment of Cancer Centers and partnerships with esteemed hospitals, underscores their unwavering dedication to making a significant impact in the field of oncology. Their focus on research, commercial treatments, and cutting-edge technologies positions Starpax to significantly contribute to the healthcare industry and improve the lives of cancer patients.

Navigating the Future: Starpax Biopharma’s Notable Achievements

Starpax Biopharma finds itself on the cusp of a promising future, anchored by a vision that redefines the landscape of cancer treatment. Their innovative platform has emerged as a guiding light, poised to address a significant share of the cancer market, particularly targeting solid tumors that have long resisted conventional therapies. Yet, their ambitions extend even further.

The company envisions extending the potential of its technology through the development of treatments for non-cancerous diseases characterized by hypoxic zones, encompassing conditions such as ischemic heart disease, pulmonary hypertension, acute ischemic stroke in the brain, and diabetic retinopathy. Starpax’s commitment to improving lives transcends boundaries. The company is currently engaged in a fundraising initiative in preparation for its forthcoming clinical trials scheduled for 2024. This endeavor reflects the company’s commitment to advancing medical research and bringing innovative solutions to the healthcare landscape.

Moreover, Starpax has been honored by industry recognition for their unrelenting dedication and pioneering work. In recent years, they’ve received esteemed accolades, including “Top Biotech 2022 Canada,” “Top Therapeutic Solution 2023 Canada,” and “Top Innovative Company to Watch 2023 USA.” Of these, the “Top Therapeutic Solution 2023,” awarded by Life Sciences Review, stands as a testament to their steadfast mission of addressing unmet challenges in the realm of cancer treatment. As they move forward into the future, Starpax does so with a resolute commitment to innovation and a history marked by excellence.

Parimatch Tech: Transforming Digital Entertainment with Innovative Technology


Today, technology is influencing a major part of how businesses around the world operate. From finance and retail to education and real estate, the proliferance of technology is evident across several different sectors. The entertainment industry, too, has been tapping into the vast potential of technology of late. Companies like Parimatch Tech are assisting the entertainment industry by developing cutting-edge technology and marketing solutions. 

Founded in 2020, Parimatch Tech is committed to providing the global community with the highest quality betting products and emotional experience from games. It is a subsidiary of the Parimatch brand—that has over 28 years of history and transformed from offline betting shops into the fastest online entertainment platform in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. 

The idea behind the establishment of Parimatch Tech was to leverage technology to the fullest, considering that the technology is the future. The increasing importance of technology was highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic which speeded up the digital transformation. Parimatch Tech highlights the globalization of business and gains brand awareness among partners and customers across the globe. 

Fast-tracking Growth

Parimatch Tech’s platform is one of the most popular and advanced betting platforms in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The platform holds over 1600 transactions per minute, and its infrastructure makes it possible to provide company products and services to customers on every continent. 

The company’s “Electric Yellow” Parimatch is already a well-known worldwide brand, thanks to sponsorship projects, in-house developed creative campaigns, and all other supporting brand materials. Using the Parimatch brand, companies looking to position themselves in their local markets can fast-track their growth rather than starting from scratch. 

Parimatch Tech’s customers use the Parimatch platform to place bets and enhance emotions from sports and esports. According to the placing bet statistics, the top 3 directions are football, cyber football, and esports. Parimatch Tech was early to identify esports as a worthwhile category to invest in and the potential for betting companies to collaborate with the sector. The fan not only supports his favorite team but also plays alongside it. “We provide fans with an additional entertainment platform during tournaments to create a feeling of participation,” says Maksym Liashko (CEO and Member of the Supervisory Board at Parimatch Tech). 

An Experienced Leader at the Helm

Maksym has over 15 years of experience in M&A, competitive law, tax optimization, international jurisdiction, legal and business consultancy, and working with online businesses. He is well-versed in management, representing a group of entities, approving decisions, corporate governance, and conducting legal restructuring of assets. 

Being at the helm of the company, Maksym handles the company’s strategic development, business diversification, and the global expansion of the Parimatch brand. Over the years, his experience and competencies have helped to restructure the business, legally protect the brand’s reputation, build the company’s values, and preserve them in times of crisis. 

Sustaining through the Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war were the two most significant challenges in Parimatch Tech’s journey. The pandemic cancelled almost all the major events, which led to the crisis in the betting industry. However, Parimatch Tech constantly searches for new opportunities even during the worldwide crises. The pandemic speeded up the company’s in-house development of the betting platform and its customers’ migration to it. The pandemic appealed to the esports development as alternatives to major sports. Thus, almost 3 million people chose the Parimatch Tech platform and esports development became an important part of its offerings. 

The recent Russia-Ukraine war also impacted the company. Parimatch Ukraine is the country’s largest investor in the national and regional sports sector, which the war has severely impacted. “After years of growth and development, the war rolled us back to the pre-COVID level for income. Now, we are working out new ways to refill the losses,” adds Maksym. Despite the numerous challenges, the war-days boosted Parimatch Tech’s productivity. The company is constantly developing new strategies, access to new markets, and diversification of the revenue sources. It quickly reorganized and switched to a full-remote format to face new challenges. 

Highlights of the Illustrious Journey

Below are some highlights from Parimatch Tech’s journey.

  • 1994 – Inception of the Parimatch Brand in Ukraine
  • 2011 – Started the transformation into an online business, received an online license, and became a leader in the CIS gambling market
  • 2014 – Restructuring of the Parimatch company and establishment of Parimatch holding
  • 2018 – Beginning of tech transformation and development of a new in-house software platform
  • 2019 – “Electric Yellow” rebranding, Conor McGregor and Mike Tyson became Parimatch brand ambassadors
  • 2020 – Global partnerships with Juventus, LaLiga, Leicester City, Everton, and esports organizations Fnatic, Vitrus.Pro, and Team Spirit
  • 2021 – Transformation and renaming of Parimatch holding into Parimatch Tech holding
  • 2021 – Parimatch strengthens its English Premier League presence, securing partnerships with Chelsea, Aston Villa, Brighton & Hove Albion, and Southampton
  • 2021 – Oleksandr Usyk joins Parimatch brand as the first-ever Responsible Gambling ambassador
  • 2022 – War in Ukraine: employee evacuation from Kyiv, volunteer activities, franchise withdrawal from Russia, business diversification, a new R&D center in Prague, and two more offices in Western Ukraine

Prestigious Awards and Recognitions

For its leading-edge services, Parimatch Tech has won numerous awards and accolades. More than such awards, the company appreciates the recognition that reflects it as a responsible employer who takes care for the specialists and their families, maintains transparency and legality of labor relations, and ensures safety and comfort in the workplace. These awards include,

  1. Inspiring Workspace in EMEA and North Award 2021 – WINNER in “Inspiring Employer Brand Award”
  2. Europe’s Best Workplaces™ 2021
  3. GRC.UA research – WINNER in “Best Employers in Ukraine”
  4. Cyprus HR Awards – Platinum Award in “Workplace Well-being”, Gold Award in “Learning and Development” and “COVID-19 HR Action Plan”.

On being ranked among the “30 Best Companies to watch in 2022,” Maksym says, “My team and I are full of gratitude. Gratitude to our talented employees whose hard work, adaptivity, and fresh ideas make it possible to be recognized with this award.” He mentions that the key to success for Parimatch has been its people. Motivated, talented, and experienced employees are fired up to win and unlock new opportunities to develop. According to him, being adaptive, following the trends, and not dwelling on the industry are the factors required to thrive in the industry. 

Transformation on the Cards

Parimatch Tech aims to diversify the resources, appoint competent stream leaders, and branch out to survive the crisis and rise back to the top again. Alongside the expansion, it is also focusing on expanding the range of its entertainment services. Moreover, to ensure the safety of its employees, the company is planning to open new hubs in Europe. Parimatch Tech’s first hub in Prague gathers employees in the region to provide a comfortable working environment and services to specialists throughout Europe. Maksym lists the necessity of AI, the influence and the importance of remote working, and cybersecurity measures as the three things Parimatch Tech’s clients and competitors should watch out for.

Quote: “Unity is our superpower, and together, we can create a future of digital entertainment.”


Monoceros Consulting LLC: Improving Business Efficiency via Cost-Saving Integrations


Established in 2022, Monoceros Consulting, LLC aims to help businesses improve efficiency in their processes by developing cost-saving integrations to existing infrastructure and designing custom solutions for unsolved challenges. 

Monoceros Consulting is the brainchild of Vermont Technical College alumni Eric Alwine, a leader with unique experience in ERP customization. After being at the helm of an IT department at a manufacturing company through several years of rapid growth, he decided to offer the skills he had learned in ERP Administration, software development, and software customization to the market and go into business. 

As a result, helping companies squeeze extra value out of their existing software investments by creating custom automation for their business logic and integrating their systems together to bring a higher level of value and efficiency to their software-centric processes became Eric’s passion. Currently, he is the spearhead of the company and contributes immensely to its success and growth. 

Boutique of Comprehensive Offerings

Monoceros Consulting specializes in two areas. The company’s primary specialty is Oracle NetSuite ERP Customization. It also provides app and integration development services for the Tulip front-end operations platform. Monoceros strives to provide its product with a certain level of “inheritability”. When a client hires the company to script customizations in their NetSuite environment, they can expect the code to be meticulously documented and well organized so that their technical staff, or whoever may work on their environment in the future, has a level of transparency with Monoceros product—something not commonly found in ERP Customizations. 

Monoceros Consulting offers the following services:

Tulip Front End Operations Platform

  • Application Development
  • NetSuite Integration Development

NetSuite ERP

  • Administration
  • SuiteScript customizations
  • SuiteBuilder customizations
  • Technical Staff Support and training

One of its most popular offerings, about two-thirds of Monoceros’ clients use Tulip FEO in conjunction with NetSuite ERP. Tulip is a  powerful “no-code” app-building platform that brings a very high level of extensibility to businesses that use NetSuite. Especially in the manufacturing vertical, NetSuite + Tulip emerges as a game-changing, winning combination. 

Addressing Unique Inefficiencies

Monoceros Consulting’s offerings address a specific gap in the market: providing effective, surgically placed solutions for their clientele’s automation requirements. Remarking on the same, Eric says, “Every business is a snowflake, having their unique qualities, differentiators, core values and culture.” He adds that these factors create variations in processes across the board and without customization, these variations in process are usually handled with labor. In such scenarios, Monoceros Consulting focuses on creating solutions to automate those idiosyncrasies for the clients so that they can focus their labor resources on more meaningful endeavors. 

Propelled by a Visionary 

Monoceros is a small, skilled team lead by a strong captain. Eric, as a leader, wears multiple hats and undertakes several roles and responsibilities in order to propel the company further toward the path of success. He also ensures maintaining intact motivation and productivity within the team. Monoceros has chosen to specialize in a narrow scope of services so that the team can be maximally effective in its services. The company is exclusively servicing small as well as medium-sized businesses, with a belief that it is the market where it can be most impactful. 

Distinguished by a Higher Level of Service.

Monoceros Consulting is focused on providing elegant solutions for its clients’ business challenges. The engineers at Monoceros Consulting strive to build efficiency in the most effective manner possible by examining not only the bottlenecks in the clients’ processes,  but also striving to understand the entire process from a “1000-foot view”.  This allows for solutions to be implemented that truly address the underlying inefficiencies.

Monoceros strives to bring a higher level of service to the table—distinguishing itself from the crowd by aiming to empower its clientele with customization rather than encumber their technical staff with unnecessary complication. In an avenue where a huge portion of customizations are built in monolithic, obfuscated scripts, Monoceros provides only well-documented, well-organized, consistently styled, modular customization. Moreover, the Monoceros offers training of their clientele’s technical staff on request and strives to include UI for configurable settings so that they have a level of control over the resulting customizations that do not require using someone with programming skills. 

Moreover, several firms that are offerings these services are currently targeting large companies. In such a scenario, Monoceros Consulting stands out by helping smaller businesses with more specialized needs. Instead of building expansive, full-featured customizations, the company aims to make small changes in a more “surgical” manner that have a much higher ROI due to the relatively low cost. 

Envisioning Lucrative Scaling in Future

As a “boutique” firm, Monoceros Consulting strives to offer a high degree of personal service to the client. The company’s core values are at the heart of its customer service philosophy: 

Honesty; Integrity; Ingenuity; Tenacity.

Monoceros’ mission is to empower customers through integration, customization, and training, and to create inheritable products that a client’s technical staff will be able to understand, train on and use.  

In the coming years, Monoceros Consulting LLC aims to continually provide comprehensive offerings and ensure optimum client satisfaction. In the future, it strives to provide the following:

  • Positively impacts the lives of the people it interacts with, every day. 
  • Run its business with zero carbon footprint, always. 
  • Make each one of its client’s businesses more efficient in some meaningful way.

“If you can define a rule about how a thing works, then you can automate it. Automation is efficiency.”


Mammogen: Radically Improving Diagnostics of Women’s Health-related Issues


Mammogen is a woman-led biotechnology company that aims to radically improve the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of women’s health-related diseases. The company uses data, tech, science, and personal experience to shatter complacency and aims to create an end-to-never-end community for women around the world. 

Established in 2020, Mammogen is the brainchild of Elizabeth Cormier-May. While leading as the CEO, Elizabeth also serves as the SVP and CCO of IV BioHoldings (IVBH) with her partner and its founder, Martin Keiser. Mammogen is one of three firms within the IV BioHoldings ecosystem. IVBH envisions, builds, and develops first-in-class bio-platform companies that revolutionize illness detection, diagnosis, and treatment. From R&D to company creation to productization to commercialization, IVBH’s novel and distributed-company platform are defined by speed, efficiency, and risk management, made possible by advanced data science, exponential technologies, powerful partnerships, and over 60 years of combined multi-disciplinary expertise. 

Aiming for Early Detection, Diagnosis and Treatment

Mammogen is determined to fulfill its mission to radically improve diagnostics of women’s health-related issues. It seeks to communicate about the fear, anxiety, depression, marital challenges, body-shame issues and other associated concerns that are induced due to health complications. 

The company is starting with its genTRUTM suite of breast diagnosis. The two early detection tests within this flagship program are based on 26 mRNA biomarkers. The company’s innovative multi-gene expression signatures translate to non-invasive and painless diagnostics poised to bring regular, accurate screening to women who are underserved by current guidelines.  

The genTRUTM suite of products has been validated on both blood and saliva and offers best-in-class performance. Mammogen’s current focus is to continue the clinical development of genTRUTM and speed towards commercialization to make early breast cancer detection a reality for women who would be immediately appropriate for these tests. Its novel multi-gene expression signature for the non-invasive detection and diagnosis of breast cancer has been positioned to unlock regular and reliable screening and diagnostic tools for tens of millions of women—women who are grossly and unnecessarily underserved by the present standard of care. 

Innovative Suite of Non-Invasive Diagnostics

Mammogen offers two non-invasive diagnostics for breast cancer. 

  • The genTRUTM-EDT test (early detection test): A non-invasive simple blood test designed to diagnose women who are ineligible for imaging. It is mostly designed for women under the age of 40 or above 55 who are not candidates for yearly mammography. 
  • The genTRUTM-PID test (post-imaging diagnostic): A test designed to rule the correct women out of invasive breast biopsies when such procedures would be unnecessary. 

The technology has the potential to reduce false negatives and increase early screening among women. It also reduces false positives and allows for the safe monitoring of suspicious nodules. Ultimately, the goal is to offer every woman, regardless of age, background, financial situation, or genetics, a chance at an early and safe diagnosis, potentially saving millions of lives.  

In addition, the genTRUTM suite of products have been validated on both blood and saliva and offer best-in-class performance. Mammogen’s innovative multi-gene expression signature is non-invasive and painless. The company is poised to bring regular, accurate screening to women who are underserved by current guidelines. 

Novel Approach to Data and Technology

The IVBH companies approach data and technology in entirely novel ways. This approach enables Mammogen to perceive things that others are unable to comprehend or see. Its complete approach rearranges the pieces of R&D, productization and commercialization in a way that enables the company to reduce time and risk, as well as induce efficiencies that others are unable to capture. 

Mammogen is currently on its mission to pursue something of utmost importance. The company is working to develop, validate and commercialize its breakthrough liquid biopsy for breast cancer detection and confirmatory diagnosis. It is also exploring other research and development projects, both within breast cancer, and other diseases that affect women. Additionally, IVBH and Mammogen aim to continue innovating in every aspect—from fund-raising to product development—in ways that will allow them to introduce unparalleled efficiencies into delivering best-in-class products and create a new model of patient care. 

Evaluating Success Parameters

Being at the helm, Elizabeth is responsible for a plethora of vital tasks that are essential for Mammogen’s development and success. The most important part of success, as Elizabeth believes, is learning from past failures and translating them into something far more powerful. For her, the biggest failure was assuming and actually believing that she needed to handle everything on her own. 

Elizabeth has surrounded herself with intelligent and motivated people. She believes that acknowledging them is one of the most important factors of success.  She adds, “Trying to handle everything is neither sustainable nor scalable.” In addition to the above skills, accepting, incorporating and celebrating the talents of others are also central to success.  

About the Leader:

Elizabeth Cormier-May grew up believing she wanted to be a physician—specifically a pediatric oncologist. She wanted to think of better ways to contribute to battling cancer rather than fighting it at the front lines. As her education progressed, she realized it was the underlying science that intrigued her the most, specifically organic chemistry and system biology. 

After her graduation, Elizabeth became a medicinal chemist in early discovery oncology for Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research. Despite having a profound affinity for science, she felt distant from the patients and wanted to focus on bridging this gap. Hence, she shifted to the commercial side of the industry where she has spent two decades building new products, markets and companies within the healthcare sector—all with the goal of meaningfully changing the patient journey.

Quote: We want to stop focusing on remission as a benchmark for success. Why? Because we know that the battle never ends.

KinPOS Corporation – Extraordinary Leadership


Mauricio Fermayer is the CEO of KinPOS Corporation, one of the largest and most experienced customs POS solution providers in Latin America. Founded in 2008, KinPOS has grown from a startup into one of the leading POS and banking solutions providers in the past decade. The company comprises a team of POS professionals who have over 30 years of experience developing financial software and POS hardware solutions for banks and financial institutions of all types.

Mr. Fermayer began his career as an Engineer with an MBA working for OMRON before moving base to HYPERCOM and working in the Point of Sales Hardware and Software division. Today, his leadership has enabled KinPOS to serve in over 20 countries, mainly banks and commercial processors, where all transactions and information data are completely customized to fulfill the customer’s needs and certified using the latest industrial standards. 

KinPOS – King of POS Solutions

Under the leadership of Mr. Fermayer, KinPOS provides significant strategic improvement potential to the finance industry. It collaborates with management teams to create solutions that drive revenue and enhance earnings growth using certified secure channels. 

Today, KinPOS offers a wide array of application software suits for merchant terminals and other devices, such as:

  • Mobile Payments
  • Secure E-Commerce
  • Device Inventory 
  • Event Monitoring 
  • Smart Payments 
  • Anti-Fraud System Detection 
  • Remote App Loader 
  • Card Account Management 

Some of the most popular solutions and services offered by KinPOS include SoftPOS, Wallet, Tokenization, Security, Apps, MPOS, Online Payments, and more. The company’s Wallet payment system helps banks and other monetary processors develop the most efficient and secure online payment system that can be easily integrated into the customer’s core business environment. 

KinPOS is wholly focused on developing software systems for Point of Sales (POS), which also has efficient features relating to distribution, maintenance, and security for online payment processing. The company aims to achieve practical growth by developing systems offering superior payment processing. The company aims to provide the best returns to customers and clients using excellent services. 

KinPOS – Vision, and Mission

The KinPOS Corporation envisions exceeding the standards and expectations of customers and clients by providing the best quality of service, including efficient development and distribution of solution systems. The company also strives to guarantee punctuality to delivery deadlines to become the leading preferred supplier for POS hardware and software solutions in the Americas. 

The KinPOS Corporation is on a mission to achieve and offer all payment solutions by focusing on innovative systems development, ensuring the highest quality standards, exceptional service, affordable prices, and commitment to fulfilling client’s needs. The company aims to always offer the most value for the best returns to customers and clients. 

KinPOS Corporation focuses on developing quick and secure cloud-based online payment ecosystems to meet its vision and mission. The company is very much focused on innovation, based on customers’ needs to grow and flourish as the leading POS solutions provider for banks and other financial institutes. KinPOS acquires all necessary and relevant certifications for this business system to ensure this. 

Mr. Fermayer states the secret to ensuring a motivating and productive work environment is by ensuring that everybody in the team is first self-motivated. The team-member knows the significant impact their work is having on the overall online payment processing industry. Mr. Fermayer also highlights the impacting result through customized POS hardware and software solution development. This is a great way to remind the team of the immense advantages and benefits of the solutions they help create. Mr. Fermayer believes that facilitating the secure certification business for customers makes KinPOS Corporation exclusive in the cloud transaction sector. 

Talking about future ventures, Mr. Fermayer firmly states that KinPOS is poised and focused on developing Blockchain NFT payment solutions, enabling crypto-currency payments, and advancing in robotics too. 

KinPOS – Unique Transaction Solutions

The major reason for KinPOS Corporation becoming the leader in POS payment solutions is its knack for designing and developing genuinely innovative hardware and software solutions, such as:

KinPOS MPOS Mobile Payment Services

KinPOS mPOS is an innovative solution that allows processing transactions using any smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet. This is a highly flexible tool that helps to speed up integration time in the processing network. It also garners impressive benefits, such as accepting electronic payments and reducing the risks by avoiding the use of printed currency. Besides this, the mPOS solution also helps customers to expand their consumer database through safe and flexible online payment services. In essence, mPOS solutions by KinPOS allow customers to gain the best results in every involved component of online payment transactions. 

KinPOS CSI Solution Platform

The KinPOS CSI is a solutions platform and is made of different modules. These modules contain those tools and processors that are integral for noticeably improving the management of the different components that comprise the overall online payment processing network. The primary use of this solution is to offer value-added services that help to streamline the various administrative tasks and configuration processes according to the customer’s specific needs. This solution is essential for banks and other financial institutes and contains a wide range of applications for merchant terminals and software platforms. 

KinPOS Wallet Mobile Payment Solutions

The KinPOS e-wallets, also called digital wallets or electronic wallets, rank among the most innovative and effective online payment solutions. These solutions have experienced significant growth in the past few years, thanks to the growing dependency by users on online payment solutions. This e-wallet application lets users manage their money online from their smartphones and simplifies online payments. 

The KinPOS e-wallet services are integrated with additional advanced security measures, such as encryption and tokenization technology, double authentication systems, and OTP technology, to carry out monetary transactions most securely and safely. 

KinPOS Payment Solutions for Financial Institutions CSI Software

The KinPOS Application Software Suite contains a wide variety of features. It has all the solution modules that are essential for any bank or financial institute to ensure optimal efficiency and safety for customer transactions. Each application in this software suite can also be ordered individually or included in the KinPOS CSI Master Collection Suite, which covers all the modules in a one program. KinPOS Application Software Suite has an extensive array of applications for merchant terminals and user devices, which as highly secure and cloud-based for optimal efficiency and safety. 

KinPOS AFS Anti-Fraud System

The KinPOS AFS is another excellent platform module. It lets customers easily identify processing rules for transactions, which helps to analyze the instance through a graded level of risk standards. It then enables users to find solutions that can help to avoid suspicious events. Depending on the degree of risk involved in the particular transaction, KinPOS AFS allows you to designate a particular activity for each level of risk. For instance, you can assign “approve,” “pause,” or “reject” as commands for every flagged transaction. KinPOS AFS software solution is easy to integrate with module EMS and can send alerts during any point of a particularly suspicious online transaction. 

KinPOS CMS Card and Account Management System

The KinPOS CMS is part of the KinPOS CDI solution and is designed to manage bank accounts and cards. The software system allows client merchants to manage the account information of cardholders. Using this innovative tool, the client can easily create different versions with different definitions. For instance, the KinPOS CMS system lets banks and other financial institutes create Debit or Credit Card accounts to collect the use of points, miles, etc., from businesses and everything related to authorizing transactions online. 


Company Name: KinPOS Corporation 

Office Location: 3350SW 148th Suite, 110 Miramar, Fl. 33027

Company Website: 

Company Leader: Mr. Mauricio Fermayer 

Key Tronic Corporation: Home to Manufacturing and Designing Excellence


The business landscape is constantly undergoing several transformations. To survive in this competitive landscape, it is vital to adapt to the transformations swiftly and innovate consistently. Furthermore, experience also helps in staying abreast of the trends. Experience also gives an upper hand to unprecedented market challenges, the recent example being the crisis of COVID-19. Started in 1969, Key Tronic Corporation began its journey as a keyboard manufacturer. In the early 90s, the company transitioned from a full-service OEM to a contract manufacturer. This transition was not easy and another challenge—the recession of ’08-’09—was encountered in the journey. The team focused on maintaining diversity in served markets rather than jumping on the “hot in the market right now” wagon.

Today the company has sustained over five decades of extensive growth. Key Tronic Corporation, which started as a successful Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) has transitioned into one of the most successful Design and Manufacturing Service providers in the industry today. It understands the customer requirements and has been manufacturing products overseas for over 25 years. “You benefit from our global facilities while still working with a US-based company. Our customers are some of the world’s leading OEMs. Today Keytronic is located all over the globe and trusted as a full-service engineering design and manufacturing provider,” says Craig D. Gates, President, and CEO at Keytronic.

Transition and Business Opportunities 

With more and more OEMs deciding to de-concentrate their supply chains  the result has been significant new business for Keytronic.The company anticipated this change years ago and structured itself to take advantage of it, with its continued expansion of the Juarez MX campus and theacquisition of additional manufacturing sites in the US, China and Vietnam. Keytronic offers full engineering services, including product design, manufacturing, test, plastic tooling and a  purchasing IPO in China.  In addition, Keytronic offers vertically integrated manufacturing with plastic molding, metal processing and coating, PCBA assembly and test, final product assembly and test, reverse logistics andcentralized document control to minimize IP risk.

Keytronic has the capabilities and skills needed to assist at any phase of the product development cycle. It can provide a complete product design that begins with a sketch from your marketing group, or it can assist in completing designs your engineering group has begun or it can provide that last bit of DFM advice that brings the product to successful product launch. The company is also an expert in re-design for product cost reduction. The size of the company allows it to focus on accounts with low to medium volumes and higher flexibility requirements, while its global footprint provides the cost benefits of off-shore locations normally associated with only much larger, Tier 1 electronic manufacturing service providers. This focus allows the company to provide an unparalleled level of customer service and price on mid-size programs.

Team Committed to Success 

Since its inception, Keytronic has been constantly focusing on providing its customers superior manufacturing and engineering services at the lowest total cost for the highest quality products, creating long-term mutually beneficial business relationships. This quality has helped the company to recruit very high quality, dedicated people. Keytronic has successfully built a strong relationship with its employees due to its emphasis on in-house promotions and rewarding people based on job performance.  The company believes the men and women of Keytronic will always be its most important asset. All employees are encouraged to “run the business like it was your own”.  Survival through tough times has created a culture of commitment to success.  The company encourages constant communication of the challenge at hand, the plan to meet the challenge, and the success that will result if the challenge is met. 

Each team member accepts personal accountability to meet the business needs, improve the systems, and help others improve their effectiveness. The team treats the company’s assets as their own, strives together for the company’s success and is empowered to work together outside of functional roles for the good of the company. 

Overcoming the Challenges

Mr. Gates has fostered an open communication culture at Keytronic. Being a veteran in the industry, he has extensive experience and exceptional acumen, which has benefitted him in the business world. Mr. Gates completed his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and also holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Illinois, Urbana.Prior to Keytronic, Mr. Gates served as the Director of Operations, Electronics for the Microswitch Division of Honeywell Inc. He joined Keytronic in 1994, and throughout his journey, he has undertaken various executive management positions. In 2009, he undertook the role and responsibility as the President and CEO. 

A leader always has multiple roles and responsibilities,especially under circumstances when the company encounters challenging times. As aforementioned, the transition in the early ’90s and ’00s was a challenging period for Keytronic, yet the company survived and has prospered.. “We saved the company by going into production and ramping a consumer product we designed for a customer to a million units per month in one month. Over the years we have developed and implemented several proprietary manufacturing processes that have enabled multiple $100 million businesses,” explains Mr. Gates. Amid the crisis of COVID-19, the team was equally focused on sustaining the extensive growth trajectory. Remarkably, the facility in Juarez (4,000 people and 1.3 million square feet) has gone 5 months without a single COVID case and the company also opened the facility in Vietnam. Despite the challenges, the Keytronic team has delivered exceptional results. 


Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. – Bringing Professionalism and Sophistication to the Industry


The cleaning industry has always been looked down upon. As a matter of fact, the existing stereotypical reputation involves the businesses, companies, and cleaning ladies in the industry being called low-class. Danielle Jenkins, the Founder, and CEO of Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. was able to break these stereotypes. Earlier, she explained, the cleaning industry was unluckily known for “no education needed”, an “easy to start” business, no insurance, bringing their children to work, no professionalism, an “under the table” business, and unreliable scheduling. Overall, these sum up to low respect for the cleaning industry, making people expect “low hourly rates, barely good enough service, and no trust in the staff working at these places,” according to Jenkins.

When Danielle first began, all she wanted was to prove that she was not the same as other cleaning people or businesses. She states, “With doing so, I created an immense amount of respect from clients and prospective clients, a large desire for my business to clean people’s homes, and many opportunities for friends at the time that needed jobs.” Thus, she continued to create processes and systems to ensure that all aspects of the business were well-respected, sophisticated, and professional. As time passed by, these evolved to fit more than 50 employees, serve thousands of clients, and spread to various regions.

What Services Do Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. Offer?

The company essentially has three divisions – new development, commercial, and residential. New development involves recently constructed buildings or homes that are in a requirement for clean up before being owned by investors or homeowners, commercial includes health centers, offices, or public spaces, and finally, residential constitutes of homes. The process of providing services is largely different from other cleaning companies.

For instance, the residential division of Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. starts by offering prospective clients the ability to book a consultation on their computers or phones, within seconds. From there, the company’s office administration connects with them for booking a virtual consultation. Here, they get quotes for a deep clean and preferred maintenance schedule. This can be once in four weeks, bi-weekly, or weekly, based on the client’s needs. Post approval, the client gets a new package that outlines everything they can expect from Domestic Divas Cleaning Co.

The company then books the client’s services, repetitively and consistently. Posterior the initial deep clean, the company takes a follow-up in order to make sure that everything went as anticipated and also to check if there are any other priorities or preferences they would like the company to know. Finally, the company proceeds with its maintenance schedule. In fact, they consistently communicate with the client and provide them access to the portal where they can revisit their upcoming appointments, request services, make payments, and much more.

Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. additionally has exciting perks, including insurance, satisfaction guarantees, its own cleaning line of products (sustainable, biodegradable, pet-friendly, and non-toxic), the same staff members at their space every time, a loyalty program, etc. Not to mention, each and every aspect of the business, regardless of its division, is “held to extremely high standards for professionalism from the office, over the top sophisticated service from our cleaners, and quality leadership from management,” in the words of Jenkins. She further believes, “The most important lesson that being a leader, mentor, and CEO is that everything is always changing and you need to be able to be adaptable and resilient to new situations all of the time.” This is clearly one of the reasons behind her business’s success and clients’ satisfaction.

How is Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. Different?

When Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. was established in 2018, other companies in the industry were not highly-reputed. However, Danielle believed in what she says today, “One thing to remember is that you are not controlled by your circumstances and can make a change for the better at any time. It may take time, work, and dedication, but you can do it.” This is how it all happened.

While the company has proven to be different from other businesses in the industry in terms of sophistication and professionalism, these are not the only reasons why Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. is unique. The company handles all kinds of issues in the best possible manner as well. For instance, among the major problems is the staffing and several clients of other companies tend to experience unreliable services offered by unprofessional staff members, who do not respect the companies they work for. Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. has dealt with this problem well. They ensure that their staff has a company and a positive workplace to support them.

Part of Danielle’s leadership involves ensuring that they work with all of their employees individually to meet their professional and personal needs. In case there is a minor problem or weakness that must be addressed, they offer a plan of action to turn those weaknesses into strengths. Moreover, the company pays its employees a comfortable salary backed by Living Wage Certifications and guarantees them their preferred work schedule (full-time or part-time). Besides, the staff also gets the best supplies and equipment for the job and the company’s wins are celebrated at all levels, from the employee level to that of the management. In order to keep them motivated and high-spirited, Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. has bonuses, reward programs, and employee appreciation days as well.

The entire process is to assure that the company possesses a strong workforce that respects their job, the company they work for, and the clients. Danielle goes by the philosophy that employees come first before the clients; they will take care of the clients. Thus, she has always put her employees’ needs first. This has resulted in satisfactory clients, who are happy to refer the company to their friends and family.

What are the Future Plans of Domestic Divas Cleaning Co.?

With its headquarters located in Orangeville Ontario, Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. currently serves several areas, including Windsor, Scarborough and Toronto, the GTA, Orangeville, and surrounding regions. The company is constantly growing. When they hire a new workforce, they always remind them that the excitement for growth and being a part of a dynamic company are necessary. Truth be told, each individual at the company is excited for the future with their management and leadership.

In the short term, Danielle says, “the company is working on expansion in two smaller communities, and will be fully established in Windsor, ON Q1 2023.” Since new opportunities come every day, the extent to which the company will have grown by then is still a surprise, even for the CEO. Nonetheless, she plans to start offering franchises in a few years.

Pull Quote: “The most important lesson that being a leader, mentor, and CEO is that everything is always changing & you need to be able to be adaptable & resilient to new situations all of the time.”

Description of the Company: Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. is a cleaning company that has changed the narrative of the industry by indulging professionalism, sophistication, and excitement in the business.

Company Name: Domestic Divas Cleaning Co.

Founding Year: 2018

Office Locations: Orangeville – Greater Toronto Area, and Windsor

Official Website of the company:

Name of the Featured Leader: Danielle Jenkins

Designation of the Leader: CEO & Founder